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Forensic Agency for Irresolvable and Resistant Investigation

FAIRI - Forensic Agency for Irresolvable and Resis

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February 15th, 2010

A bicycle all but crashed into the side of the old, rundown building as Daan attempted to jump off it and at the same time park the thing and grab for his chain lock in record time. He quickly pulled the chain through his wheel and the frame of the bike and clicked the lock closed, pocketing the key.

A quick look at his watch relieved that he had an exactly 0 minutes and 49 seconds left until he was officially late. Late on his first day of work... And wouldn't that leave a great impression? He looked up at the building and quickly checked the crumpled piece of paper in his hand again. This was definitely the right adress... At least it probably was. He would've expected some shiny new office though, not this rundown... Something, ex-police office, from the look of the walls. The word 'police'  was still visible on the wall, if only in the form of lighter portions of wall that had been protected from the elements by plastic letters that were now gone.

He rolled his eyes. So much for the series he'd watched. There was, of course, always the chance that the inside contained an ultra-secret crime lab or something. That'd be something to look into.

He quickly entered the building and came to a stop in a small reception area with a couple of chairs scattered around. The far side of the room was taken up by a large wall to wall window that gave way to a reception desk. The window was slid open for the moment and behind the desk sat a dark looking woman with a headset that seemed completely out of place. Except for her, the whole place seemed standard police issue. Pretty lived out as well. The fact that she most definitely was not though, convinced him that he was indeed at the mysterious F.A.I.R.I. office and not just back at work.

He quickly made his way to the window and the woman. "Hi, I'm Daan Landman," he gave her a sheepish smile. "I know I'm pretty late, but I'm supposed to be here at 10 sharp. Meet a mrs. Blake?"

January 12th, 2010

When Catharina entered the F.A.I.R.I. building at 9:00 o'clock sharp, it was still dark. The old police building made a rather manacing sight like that, abandoned and seemingly without any life. Something out of a bad horror movie. She was well aware that this wasn't the case though. Alexander and Tim had already claimed offices on the second floor and soon the rest of the teammembers would arrive and claim their office spaces as well. Not that either Tim or Alex would be using their offices as, well, offices, but it was the thought that counted. Shrugging, she hit the light button. There, much better.

She heaved her bag a little higher on her shoulder and made her way behind the front desk and up the stairs. She'd ordered everyone to come it at 10, except for Tamarinde. The other woman would be there earlier to help her make things ready. After all, Tamarinde would not only be their secretary but also communications expert, the binding factor in the team. Catharina had met her on several occasions and trusted her to be completely up to the job. If anything, it would do her good to have the care for their wayward team in her hands. It did help that this would take it out of Catharina's hands as well.

She went around the public area on the second floor, putting on lights and making sure everything was still how she'd left it. She then went to set up the meeting room, distributing folders with information about the project, keys to the building, ID cards and a contract on a round table with seven chairs.

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

January 9th, 2010

To make an RP like F.A.I.R.I. run smoothly, I guess we need a number of rules and such. 

Posting Directions
In the subject line of the post, please state Case, Day, Number and possibly title.
That way everyone can keep straight which post goes where and the whole RP will be a lot easier to follow.
  • The RP will work a lot like the episodes of a detective, one case an episode. Only this isn't tv, so I decided to just number the cases. So the RP will start with Case 1 and go on from there. Every new case starts with the briefing where lidl_delirium or I will post, so don't worry about getting it wrong.
  • Any case might take more than one day (within game play, so the time between the characters waking up or stumbling into the office, and the time that they go to sleep). To keep all that straight, please note the day of the week in the subject line.
  • For a sense of chronology and to be able to find individual posts back, the posts will be numbered. The numbers start again with every new in-game day, so the RP might go from Case 2, Friday 23 to Case 2, Saturday 1 after the 'night' is over.
  • If you feel like it or the scene has a specific purpose, go ahead and name it.
Some examples:
Case 1, Monday 1, Gathering the new F.A.I.R.I. members
Case 3, Wednesday 7, Tamarinde tries very hard to get some work done... And fails.
Case 8, Saturday 29

Every post is a new scene and/or place in the RP. Obviously, different characters can enter and leave the scene at different times. Eventually the scene has run its course when the last player leaves.
  • When your character leaves a scene/post to go to a different scene/post or to start a new one, please start your last comment in the scene/post you were in by writing [name character leaves for name post]. So for instance, [Catharina leaves for Case 3, Wednesday 12]
  • When your character enters a scene/post from a different scene/post, please start your comment with [name character enters from name post]. So for instance, [Catharina enters from Case 3, Wednesday 7]. Than you can start your reply.
In the example above, Catharina first bothered Tamarinde, who was trying to work at the front desk. She then leaves Tamarinde to it and seeks out Kyllan in his office to talk to him.

This makes things much easier to follow if someone is trying to read (back) the RP, so please try to remember to do it.

Role Play Etiquette

Please don't godmod. In other words, don't make other people's character do things, say things or think things without permission from the person who writes the character. It's concidered highly unpolite and annoying.

Please don't make big, unalterable decisions for another person's character without discussing it with the person who writes the character first. So don't kill off or hurt a character, don't make them enter a (sexual) relationship with the character, etc.

Be rational. Noone can survive being killed, noone can run at the speed of light and noone can know what another character is thinking without there being a damn good reason for it. Humans can do extraordinary things under duress and our characters are by no means ordinairy humans, but they do have limitations. Playing just isn't any fun when they don't!

Respect other players and characters. I know this is really a mood point since you're all pretty open minded, but this RP is open to Heterosexual, Lesbian and homosexual relationships. While your character may have problems with that, please be respectful even so. The same goes for discrimination on race, gender or whatever else. We're all from earth, we all breath oxygen and we're all human.

Try to post regularly. You don't have to post every day or anything, but once a week is pretty much the norm. If you're gone for longer than a few days, please just post at <lj user="fairy_lounge"> or contact me. That way we all know what's the matter. If you want out, just say so. I don't bite and sad as I may find it, your character will simply be written out.

Try to watch your spelling. I know you're all great writers, so please watch your spelling and punctuation. The RP is written in third person, past tense. I hope that's not a problem for anyone.

The comm is for now rated as mature content, but I can up the rating if neccesary. If a post that will appear on the frontpage contains anything more than some kissing, please use an LJ cut though.

I don't bite and neither does anyone else! So don't be scared to try stuff or as things!

That's all I guess! Have fun!


cat writer
Name (and possible alias): Tim Jansen, prefers to go by his internet nickname Digit.

Age: 19

Gender: male

Sexuality: Bi-curious

Psychic power: Patterns, he can physically see patterns as light or traces in his mind. Patterns of movement, behaviour, numbers, statistics, probabilities you name it. They appear vivid in his mind, as paths of light or colour, much to his own dismay, for the overload of information (because in the end almost everything can be traced to a pattern or an algorithm) often appears overwhelming, and too much to discern in between.

Education/ (former) job: Tim has a regular Dutch education. He was a bright student and scored well on the gymnasium. At pushing of his parents he went through to university, but he didn’t last for long. Because of his penchant to program little programs, and defensive networks, he quickly found that money was to be made through the internet. Now works as programmer in his spare time and is employed for F.A.I.R.I.

Other skills: Tim has a penchant for computers, because they are based on very simple preset patterns which don’t disturb his mind too much. He understands them easily, and is often to be found behind one, either writing programs or for the sake of it a bit of hacking. Tim prefers to go by his internet nickname of Digit. Physical Description: Tim is slender and of medium height. He often looks tired and pale; this both due to lack of sleep and sunlight. He has blond hair and large innocent blue eyes. He generally wears jeans and a black shirt.

Tim is quiet, shy, scared and curious. Needless to say he is a poor communicator. He wants to but finds himself quite incapable of understanding the unpredictability of human emotions. Furthermore he is secluded and tends to keep himself sedated in order not to go mad with all the colours and shaped and amount of information that is constantly pressing through his mind. Which has caused him to freak out. When talked to he is polite. Tim likes to drift away, and allow himself to be fascinated with the numerous options in the world. He likes being set to a task which allows him to solve things that lead to concrete options the jobs and test done and given by Cat provide a good and steady base for him. He tends to wander a lot.

History: Tim was raised in a simple family as the middle son, but was often regarded as the odd one out. He was secluded, dismissive, answered when asked, but wouldn’t start conversations himself. Being the middle often made him unnoticed too. As a child he already realized his experience of the world was different. This only intensified when his brain started maturing. During the growth at adolescence the experiences of seeing things started becoming overwhelming, to the points he had violent fits. Meanwhile his school results were extraordinary, communication with his family started lessening and a whole stream of psychological research followed, finally he was diagnosed with some form of autism. Tim sought his own escapes. He found when taking painkillers or alcohol, his brain seemed to be less disturbing and overwhelming with information. He felt better with them. He discovered life through the internet and at fourteen he adopted the name of Digit the identity of a simple number that felt more fit for him than a human being.
Life simply went on for that, he alienated more from his family, and discovered programming and hacking. He found that switching of domains buying and selling names could make money, same for programming and pretty soon his started earning on his own account.

At seventeen he started university, pushed by his parents he started studying mathematics. He moved out as quick as he could, because the lack of sense of attachment between him and his family, he felt like an alien. He lived alone in a very sparse room in a studenthouse. This didn’t go very well because of the high social demands. He started using more drugs than ever and still makes a lot use of self medication

At university Cat discovered his mind with their physical representations of patterns, he quickly became a subject of research and she relocated him to living in one of the older offices of the policestation at F.A.I.R.I.’s main quarter and employed him to make use of his ‘gifts’.

Other: He stood by the window and inhaled. The pungent smell of weed filled the room. “Have you ever been curious about how you’d die?” Tim spoke softly. “I could tell you how. I could… you know… If I looked, I could calculate all the different possibilities in which you could die…” He breathed on the window and drew an eight where glass had fogged up and shivered. “Infinite….” His voice went softer even, “All vivid, bright and sparkling, probable and improbable trying to discern them all is…” A small little boy stood looking scared. Suddenly he grinned, “And you wonder why I take this shit?”

Say, you can divide 35 points, how would you divide them over the following characteristics? (At least 1, mean would be 5)
Book smarts … 7
Street smarts … 5
Social skills …2
Charisma …5
Blending in …5
Psychic strength … 8
Physical fitness … 3

January 8th, 2010

Name (and possible alias): Daan Brent Landman 

Age: 29

Gender: male

Sexuality: Straight (probably)

Psychic power: Low level telepathy; just one object at the time and nothing too heavy.

Education/ (former) job: Daan has attended the police academy in the Hague. He’s never been much for studying but he was in good shape and liked all the training that came with it. He was shaping up to be a good cop, but right before he was to graduate he was recruited for an undercover operation.  Some troubles were staged and he was ‘kicked out’ but graduated in secret. This was, of course, all orchestrated by the higher ups. In the mean while, Daan was integrated in an undercover job.
He’d been in for nearly five years when people start expressing doubts about his loyalties and capability to stay sane in a world where  insanity was the norm. A little over a year later, Daan was officially pulled out. Steps were taken to reintegrate him into the regular police force, but that, too, resulted into a failure. Daan was left sitting at home on leave for unspecified time and it resulted in a very lonely, very boring few months, as, at this point, he doesn’t really have any friends or hobbies that aren’t connected to his undercover job. He goes to the pub a lot and spends a lot of time at his parent’s place, and once a week he has a mandatory appointment with the police shrink. The rest of the time, he spends at home watching tv or at the gym working out.  When he is offered a job within project F.A.I.R.I., he accepts it without a moment hesitation.

Other skills: Daan knows the city and the way the police works. He’s pretty up to date on the laws of the country and is good with a gun and very fit. He’s the kind of guy you want at your back in a dangerous situation.

Physical Description : Daan is a typical guy guy; he’s broad, well muscled, about 1.80m tall, with his blond hair cut short. He could probably be defined as handsome, but never really thought about himself as anything but average and never took much care of his looks. He just throws something on in the morning and that’s that. He does make an effort to stay fit, but that has more to do with his job and habit than anything else.

Personality:  Daan is a simple guy. He likes to do his job, he likes a beer and he likes a sexy lady at times. He much prefers to let others do the thinking. Just tell him what to do, and it’ll get done, but planning is definitely not his forte. Consequentially, he  doesn’t make a very good leader and doesn’t have any desire to be one either.
He’s a good guy at heart and will usually try to do the right thing, but he’s not soft-hearted. His time undercover has more than taken care of that trait. Daan likes working with his hands and being busy. He likes feeling like he has a purpose and is doing something that matters. The last is something that was sorely lacking the last few months and the fact that F.A.I.R.I. offers him that once again makes him very determined not to screw this up. Something else he likes about F.A.I.R.I. is that he’s working in a tight-knit team with others.  He’s a social guy and likes being around others. He might not be the one to go to for a teary eyed heart-to-heart but he’s a loyal friend and a generally a fun guy to hang out with.

History: Daan comes from a pretty normal two-parent family in the Hague. He has an older sister (Els) and a younger brother (Mark). He gets along with his sister when she isn’t trying to mother-hen him and with his brother when he isn’t throwing his success in Daan’s face. His mom is a hair stylist and his father works an office job. They’re not a particularly close family but since his mother is a rather fabulous cook (in Daan’s opinion anyway) he often comes around for dinner and just to see how they’re doing. His family are the only people he didn’t lose contact with while undercover.

Other:  Daan’ll eat anything that is put in front of him and is a terrible cook. Much of his diet consists of sandwiches, fried eggs, fast-food and occasionally diner food. He has a small apartment that screams ‘bachelor’ in any way possible, from the posters of near naked ladies on the wall to the ratty but incredibly comfortable sofa and the big tv, as well as the little used and little cleaned kitchen, it all fits.


Say, you can divide 35 points, how would you divide them over the following characteristics? (At least 1, mean would be 5)

Book smarts  2
Street smarts  7
Social skills  6
Charisma  4
Blending in  6
Psychic strength  2
Physical fitness  8

January 7th, 2010

Name (and possible alias): Tamarinde van Neijevelt aka Tam, Tamar, Rin or whatever other cute nick her coworkers can come up with.

Age: 33 years old

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Hetrosexual.

Psychic power: Manipulation of Sound. Tamarinde can manipulate frequencies of sound to either extreme heights or lows, turning the high-pitched cry of a child to a reverberation that can shatter glass or the low bass of a boat’s mist horn to an ear-bleeding rumble that can break the foundation of buildings. She can generate these sounds herself as well, but they take a long while to build. Her power originates from the beating of her heart, each heartbeat adding a layer of sound. It takes a lot of concentration and a lot of time, this power vertically useless when there is a physical threat. Any disruption of Tamarinde’s concentration causes her to drop the momentum of sound and start all over again. When Tamarinde reaches the maximum extent of her frequency (high or low), her own ears start to bleed. Next to that, Tamarinde’s hearing is also exceptionally well. She's able to filter certain sounds to focus on that which she wants to hear. Sometimes she even thinks she’s clearaudient or able to hear things that normal people can’t hear, though she’s not sure if she really can or that her mind is playing tricks on her.

Education / (former) job: Key employee of F.A.I.R.I.’s Intel Department, she provides the team with database information and knows a lot of details about old cases. She does her job fast and without complaint.

Other skills: Because of her quiet personality, Tamarinde is easily liked. She never fights or argues and chooses a gentle approach in solving any kind of argument. She’s a very good peacemaker when it comes to others, but can defend her own beliefs quite fiercely. She might seem like a spineless push-over, but she's actually a very diplomatic personality.

Physical Description: Tamarinde looks like a princess in mourning. Never found wearing pants, she only dresses in long skirts – favouring the colours black, brown and purple. Elegant long-sleeved shirts and neat clean-cut blazers make up most of her wardrobe. She's always classy and stylish, very gothic though never trashy. Her brown hair is dyed black, usually worn over one shoulder and bunched or braided to keep from getting in the way. Face devoid of make-up, Tamarinde has lazy but observant brown eyes, a narrow nose and naturally pink but thin lips. She's quite tall for a woman, standing 195 cm tall (6'4''), which gives her an intimidating air even though she never tries to looks menacing on purpose.

Personality: Tamarinde is a very patient, somewhat quiet person. She has a distinct love for children, though she won't shy away from telling them off when needed. She doesn't have any children of her own nor can she have them due to a uterus removal when she was 24, but she would have made a great mother. She never married despite her happy past relationships and is currently contently single. She has a big family and is very close with them, visiting her relatives whenever she gets the chance. She's an avid recycler, has been an extreme environmentalist when she was younger and has always aimed to be a teacher, but was denied a career because of her dark sense of fashion: she wouldn't pose a very good role model to be fit for the job. She's often thought to be an occultist or an anti-social goth because of her clothes, but Tamarinde is in fact a very sociable person.

History: Her childhood was spend in a small town just outside the Randstad, in a small house with a small dog and two older siblings that were constantly bickering. Her parents provided everything for an idyllic happy home and encouraged her to chase after her hopes and dreams. It wasn't until she moved to Rotterdam to study at the Hogeschool that Tamarinde was faced with the cruel reality of the world. People made fun of her clothing and were careless about nature: too many cars, too much littering and too little regard for each other. She joined an extreme environmentalist group at the age of 21 and has been arrested a three times since joining. It shattered all chances she had becoming a kindergarten teacher, her actions something she both regrets and is very proud of. She withdrew from the group when her psychic powers started to manifest, but still has some friends in the scene.

Having trouble settling in after her powers manifested, Tamarinde moved again: to Leiden this time. She started to work at a small home decoration shop at the Vollersgracht that also served tea and sold flowers. Within five years flower arrangement grew to be her forte. She was a bit of an awkward host, having trouble with connecting to people because of her quiet nature. And just when she thought she had her life back on track, she was fired. One of the female customers of the shop filed a complaint about Tamarinde telling her children off (they were harassing her and she thought she’d set them straight for a bit by making their ears ring) and despite her long history of working at the shop, she was relieved of her job anyway.

Not wanting a socially responsible job anymore, Tamarinde started working an office job for the local government In Amsterdam. She started out as a kind of intern, filing records and providing people with coffee. Along the years she grew to be a stable factor in the team, knowing all those useless details everybody else forgot about. After years of training, she was promoted to be a governemtal secretary the authorities could turn to for information. Escpecially 'special cases' became her area of expertise, gathering info on strange and unsolved cases the police couldn't do anything with. When F.A.I.R.I. came into exsitence, she was assigned to work under Catharina Bleek and support F.A.I.R.I.'s agents to the best of her ability with her network access to both police and govermental files.

Other: Tamarinde's house has more rooms than she needs and she has been renting out two of those rooms to University students for the past 6 months. She doesn't have a driver's license and either walks around town or uses public transport or her bicycle when she needs to be somewhere. Dogs are her favourite animals. She also spends a lot of time with her transsexual nephew, taking him out for tea whenever her job allows her to. Lastly, latin dancing and music are Tamarinde’s guilty pleasure and her best kept secret.

Book smarts 6
Street smarts 4
Social skills 5
Charisma 8
Blending in 2
Psychic strength 5
Physical fitness 5

January 5th, 2010

Kyllan Soto 'Kai"

Name (and possible alias): Kyllan Soto aka Key



Ambiguous *_~

Psychic power:

Education/ (former) job: Lead Behavioral Profiler, with the title of Inspecteur-chef in Québec, Canada under the auspices of the Sûreté du Québec.

Other skills: Exceptional analytical prowess and knack for reading people, he has a tendency to ‘see’ crime scenes in a movie still-esk light. Doctorate in Criminology and Masters in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Vancouver.

Physical Description: Of slightly taller than average height at 5’11” he’s of mixed Asian/Caucasian descent with deep mahogany hair that lays in a messy chop over his vibrant emerald eyes, with just a bit of fringe over the tips of his ears. The left ear is pierced at the top where he constantly wears a half-inch pewter ear cuff which, upon closer examination is etched with crescents and vines. Though he wears thin rimmed silver glasses it’s debatable as to how bad his eyesight really is. He’s more on the lean and lanky side than the muscular side, although he’s by no means a slouch when it comes to physical prowess, being of intermediate/high levels in Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He’s also studied historical sword play and has a tendency to grab the small throwing daggers he wears strapped to his right thigh before the .45 caliber HK USP he carries concealed along his waist. Long lightly tanned hands and defined but not sharp features normally clothed in loose fitting button down shirts, almost always open at the collar, and black slacks or khaki pants finish his look.

Personality: A commanding personality that bucks authority by way of being smarter than his superiors and more down to earth than his subordinates, but only because of his complete lack of interest in anything and anyone. To catch his interest/respect is a grand feat and one that only a very few select individuals, even amongst his teammates, has ever achieved. An expert shot with a wicked tongue he’s gotten his fair share of black marks to go along with his accolades with the Sûreté du Québec. He’d rather study a person than become friends and he almost never shares personal stories of his past with others.

History: Raised by his grandparents with a younger sister, Jae, on the small island of Anticosti in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, he was rather sheltered. His time in University shocked him and he did a complete 180 becoming completely enveloped in the underworld scene of raves and drugs. It was during this time that he witnessed the murder of a young girl at an underground party. Electing to speak up against the criminals who beat the girl to death made him a primary target for the gang who went after his family in retribution. His grandmother and sister, the only surviving members of his family, were killed in a house fire under mysterious circumstances. Kyllan responded by blowing up a factory known to be the groups primary drug distribution center in Quebec. He was shortly thereafter taken in by the Sûreté. 

Four years later he uncovers a new piece of evidence in his family’s murders: a new brand of E that has become popular at clubs is being laced with something that’s giving people a sort of ‘second-sight,’ allowing them to see into the future a few minutes with surprising accuracy, although the users keep showing up dead of mysterious causes shortly thereafter. The drugs seem to be connected with the gang that killed his family, but a lead from a colleague in the EU may lead to a global conspiracy reaching into the higher echelons of several countries' governments. His lead pulls him all the way to Europe and eventually, the Netherlands. Though no longer sanctioned by the Canadian Gov't, he continues his search to find his family's murders.

Other: He enjoys music of every sort and can usually be found with headphones blaring over his iPod and a pack of Belmont Milds in his hand. He’s an avid reader and quick to devour any new obscure text that comes his way. Secretly enjoys cooking.

Skill Set: Say, you can divide 35 points, how would you divide them over the following characteristics? (At least 1, mean would be 5)

Book smarts …5
Street smarts …7
Social skills …3
Charisma …7
Blending in …5
Psychic strength …3
Physical fitness … 5

(no subject)


Name (and possible alias): Alexander De Goede

Age: 25

Gender: Male (physically, and most of the time mentally as well, except when sharing headspace with others)

Sexuality: Bi (due to certain things he doesn't care much about gender anyway)

Psychic power: Alexander is a strong medium, so he essentially has to communicate with spirits of the dead, whether he wants to or not. In addition to actual spirits, he can sense "place memories", rather like echoes of important things that have happened in certain places. In general, anything supernatural happening at a place leaves a memory.

However, whether he can gain any specific knowledge depends on so many things that it's not very reliable. There may not be any trace of a certain event left, or it might be mixed up with other things. If a spirit that has had anything to do with said event is even on the right plain, it might not know anything useful, or just be too confused to talk to. Some may even lash out at anyone unlycky enough to be able to sense them.

Luckily for Alexander, he has three spirits who have become attached to him, and are able to guide and help him somewhat on their side. On occasion, they might also more or less take over his body for a while, though Alexander himself is seldom entirely unaware of what is happening then.

Education/ (former) job: Due to his distracting ability, and generally irregular life, Alexander barely got through compulsory education. He has done a few odd jobs here and there, but never for very long or succesfully.

Other skills: However, he does know a thing or two about surviving life on the streets. While his concentration is almost always wondering, Alexander can also be rather charming if he can be bothered to put his mind to it. Besides this, when his reasonably good survival insticts fail, his three companions tend to remind him to shape up.

Alexander may also sometimes share in on their knowledge, though mostly only when he's at least partially "possessed", and even then said skill might be rather hit and miss.

In short, Alexander is a bum, but he has survived to his age by being passably decent at it.

Physical Description : Alexander is, to be frank, pretty. His overall lack of upkeep gives him a certain romantic charm, even, although it is more apparent if he has happened to wash recently. Getting regular meals would also do his appearences and overall health a lot of good. Unfortunately when he's not starving for other reasons, Alexander has been known to simply forget to eat, even if he rather enjoys food. Thus, he is of medium hight but appears taller due to being so thin. He has dark brown, wavy hair, and greyish-blue eyes.

Personality: If you haven't figured out by now, the keyword is easily distracted. Whether it's because a ghost or a general vibe from a certain place draws his attention, or something more ordinary, Alexander is not always the most reliable person to send on an errand. When his mind is not wondering, Alexander may be charming to the point of manipulation, but he may just as well blurt out things that would be better off unsaid.

However, he hardly ever means any ill by it, and would rather just agree with people than fight. Alexander generally considers fighting a waste of energy, which he seldom has much of. He's more of an introvert than extrovert, and a definitely a follower rather than a leader, albeit a follower who might wander away at any moment if fancy struck him.

History: Alexander has a very vague memory of his mother, who died when he was still quite young. He remembers her as a pretty, happy woman. From the little he remembers, he suspects she was also not quite in touch with reality, for some reason.

He isn't sure what happened to her, merely that one day a serious woman came to the small apartment he lived in with his mother, and told Alexander his mother was dead. The woman was a bit intimidating so Alexander never thought to ask for details.

After that, he lived in several places and several people. Due to his ability Alexander doesn't feel comfortable staying in most places (especially ones with unpleasant history) for too long. As a child he wasn't yet as used to the visions, so he supposes he must have been rather difficult, though most people he lived with tried their best.

Once, he was locked in a cellar, which was when he met his first guardian spirit, who was a young girl when she died. The other two he met later. The second was a spirit of a young soldier who died in Crimean War, and the third an older woman.

He doesn't have many true friends among the living, but Catharina Bleek has tried to help Alexander when they've run to each other, which he appreciates.

Cats and dogs tend to dislike Alexander, for some reason.

Say, you can divide 35 points, how would you divide them over the following characteristics? (At least 1, mean would be 5)

Book smarts … 1
Street smarts … 7
Social skills … 3
Charisma … 5
Blending in … 7
Psychic strength … 10
Physical fitness … 2
Name (and possible alias): Catharina Bleek

Age: 41

Gender: female

Sexuality: mostly straight, but bi-curious

Psychic power: telepathy, not strong enough to be a bother. She can read other people’s minds when she focuses on them and is in close enough proximity. The only time when she’s forced to read other people’s mind is when she is touching them. Being close to the person she tries to read helps.  Influencing the minds of other people is mostly beyond her capacity, although there have been times when she has been able to influence the minds of others by thinking really hard.

Education/ (former) job: Catharina has a doctorate in psychology. She studied for her masters degree at Maastricht University and moved to the VU (Vrij Universiteit/Free University) in Amsterdam where she wrote her PhD and received the title of doctor (dr.). She now works at the same university, where she teaches and does a lot of research. The main focus of her research is psychic power in all of its manifestations. This makes her a very controversial figure in academic circles, where the topic is shunned as nonsense and non-scientific. She has briefly worked with and for the government on several instances, but with her participation in the F.A.I.R.I. project she is now in full employ of the government. Still, she refuses to give up her job at the university, since science and research are her first passion.

Other skills: Catharine is not a born leader but she has a clear head and more knowledge about psychic power than most anyone alive today. This gives her a certain edge over other talents. Knowing what they are thinking helps as well, of course.  She is a gifted speedreader and a relatively good teacher although she’s no good with kids. She doesn’t follow their reasoning and their minds are too random for her tastes. University students are quite doable though.

Physical Description : Catharine is a rather non-describtant  woman. She has brown hair that she rarely wears loose, preferring to pull it up and out of the way in a bun. She wears glasses and a minimum of make-up. She isn’t particularly beautiful and her desk job and lack of exercise have made her slightly overweight but not overly so.

Personality: Catharina is a determined person. If she has something stuck in her head, it’ll happen no matter what. She is intelligent and knows it and because of that, she can come over as slightly arrogant. As a matter of fact, she might just be slightly arrogant. She has a taste for good food and good wine, though she’ll usually be careful not to overdo things. She gets along alright with most people and has a few good friends, all of them in academic circles, but isn’t a particularly social being. She’s also rather blunt at times.

History: Catharina is a child of Louise and Bernhard Bleek. Her mother was a telepath as well, stronger than Catharina herself. Her father has a very weak empathic talent. Her mother died in a rather suspicious accident when Catharina was 19 and while she was slightly disappointed in the short range and lack of manipulative quality of her powers, she taught Catharina to use her powers and hide them as soon as they manifested themselves. Bernhard is currently 76 in lives in a small village in Limburg, the most south eastern province of the Netherlands and a long way from Amsterdam. He’s a sweet tempered man with a large sense of humour, very different from the more strict, intelligent Louise. Catharina makes an effort to look him up regularly but due to her double job she hasn’t been able to go as often as she might’ve liked.

Six years ago, Catharina risked losing her research funds as her research wasn’t being applied practically for as far as any of the funds commission could see. When she was contacted by the government to cooperate and share her knowledge with them in return for funds, she happily took the offer. She was pulled deeper and deeper in by the government, who had correctly guessed her value as informant in affairs that were to be kept from the general population. At first, Catharina didn’t realize what was happening and later she didn’t struggle because she didn’t want to run out of funds again. She was initially recruited to search for team-members for the mysterious F.A.I.R.Y. project because of the wide range of connections that her research had granted her. She never planned nor wanted to lead the team or have much to do with her, but in the process she was granted more and more clearance and responsibilities and soon she was charged with the job of liaison to the government and kind of leader. She’s much more at home at university than a crime scene though and has not spared any words in making this clear to her supervisors.

Other: Catharina has no children and after a miscarriage when she was 24 she has never attempted to have any. It was one of the reasons for the break-up between her and her then boyfriend. He wanted kids, she didn’t. Since, she has had many flings and one longer relationship, but none of them have really worked out and at the moment she really isn’t too interested in having one. She has the occasional fling with one of her colleagues, a married man who is more a friend she occasionally has sex with that a lover. She liked things the way she are and doesn’t  attempt to take it any further than that.


Say, you can divide 35 points, how would you divide them over the following characteristics? (At least 1, mean would be 5)

Book smarts 9
Street smarts 2
Social skills 6
Charisma 4
Blending in 7
Psychic strength 5
Physical fitness 2

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