Forensic Agency for Irresolvable and Resistant Investigation

FAIRI - Forensic Agency for Irresolvable and Resis
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The Forensic Agency for Irresolvable and Resistant Investigation

As a wave of crimes floods the Netherlands and the police is at a loss of how any of them happened, rumours start circling in the general population that there might be more than... Natural causes involved. Wild tales take over the country and most rational human beings would assume they're just that. Wild. Only a select few have the insight and knowledge to deduct that like in every story, there is a grain of truth to them.
For the purpose of fighting these unnatural crimes, a unit is formed independent of the police, military and secret services, made up by people deemed just as ‘unnatural’ as their enemies.

The team is headed by Catharina Bleek, a woman with a doctorate in forensic psychology and a very specific field of research; psychic powers. She herself is a telepath and is given the task to gather a team of psychics around her to find the real causes of the crimes taking place and to take care of them. She gathers around her a team of talented misfits that are, for one reason or another, willing to put their lives and talents in service of eliminating the threat to the country.

F.A.I.R.I. is born.


F.A.I.R.I. is currently made up of eight members;

Catharina Bleek, played by ginnyvos, telepath and leader of the team.

Tamarinde van Neijeveld, played by lidl_delerium, sound manipulator, resident secretary and tasked with the coordination of F.A.I.R.I. and file-keeping.

Alexander de Goede, played by alex_dg, medium and bum, he's mostly concerned with finding clues.

Tim Jansen or Digit, as he might prefer, played by hjohanna, able to discern patterns in everything, computer expert and drug addict.

Kyllan Soto, played by pixie_blade, Canadian behavioral profiler and investigator. He has no psychic talent but enough intelligence to completely make up for the lack thereof.

Daan Landman, played by ginnyvos, low level telekinetic and ex-cop, protector and go getter.

Carolien, played by kitsune_katsu, ex-airforce soldier who is able to communicate with machinery, go getter.


F.A.I.R.I. headquarters is former police station in a warehouse district in Amsterdam that was abandoned because of reorganizations within the Amsterdam Police Department. Every member of F.A.I.R.I. has an own office and some of the members live at the station. Others own apartments in the city.


F.A.I.R.I. is a plot centered RP with much space for character development. Inspirations are, among other things, Weiss Kreuz, Torchwood and detective series like Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Midsummer Murders, CSI, Numbers, Baantjer and probably many others.

The story takes the form of separate cases in the same way that many crime series go through a different case every episode. This happens against the backdrop of the personal lives and development of the characters.

The F.A.I.R.Y RP itself takes place at fairi_amsterdam.

Rules and guidelines for playing can be found here.

The character sheet can be found here.

The F.A.I.R.I. lounge, or OOC community is the place for anything remotely related to the RP and can be found at fairi_lounge.